Mushroom casing soil

TEFA C - the new casing soil for the production of mushroom

The utilisation of optimum casing soil is a key factor in the production of mushroom. Casing soil has to meet requirements, which are today only met by specifically treated black peat. Black peat is predominantly sourced in the Baltic countries, with transport cost to the worldwide mushroom producers often largely exceeding the material cost.

TEFA C has been scientifically validated by Centro Technologico de Investigacion del Champignon CTICH in Spain, using a commercial production scheme over 4 complete production cycles. A blend of 50% TEFA and 50% blond peat produced equal or better yield compared to the black peat based standard. Use of TEFA results in perfect product quality (crisp touch and shiny white color).

CORMO develops the new casing soil TEFA C, which meets the expectations of industrial producers in terms of mushroom yield and production safety. TEFA C can be produced in the regions of its consumption!

growth of fruit bodies on TEFA C casing soil

casing  soil

Growth of fruit bodies on TEFA C casing soil.

mycelial growth on TEFA C casing soil

casing soil

Mycelial growth on TEFA C casing  soil.


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Video-documentation TEFA casing soil

The last rials with CTICH for scientific and industrial validation of TEFA casing soil have produced shiny white mushroom at 10% higher yield, compared to the standard black peat based casing! The first trials with CTICH have been published in Mushroom Business (issue May 2019), now we have produced a video on the cooperation with CTICH and the last trials.

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