BABS fine granulate

BABS is the best natural absorbent on the market due to its enormous water absorption capacity. This property can be used particularly well in various applications: BABS is now used as a component of substrate mixtures, increasing their water absorption capacity and extending the irrigation intervals.

Another application is in the coverage of plant substrates in greenhouses. Today, this function is often provided by Vermiculite. The use of BABS fine granulate protects the seedling and the substrate in the best way against direct sunlight, dehydration and crusting. BABS is compressed for this application. As a result, the storage and transport volume are reduced, and it can also be deployed easily and dust-free using spreaders.

BABS spreading granulate can also be used as an absorbent for oil, grease and chemicals. The specifications are provided in the download.

BABS Streugranulat als Oberflächenschutz

Compressed BABS spreading granulate as a casing for plant substrates – protection of direct solar irradiation, dehydration and crusting.

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