BABS filter material

BABS, after impregnation with acid, is an excellent absorbent of ammonia, e.g. from the exhaust air of animal halls or from microbial degradation processes. The ammonia is captured in the form of ammonium sulfate on BABS and can be used as a solid fertiliser. This CORMO absorption process is technically easy to implement, a significantly cheaper investment and simpler to operate than conventional acid scrubbers.

The method was developed by CORMO in collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences Fribourg and is ready for implementation. CORMO has the planning and operational know-how.

BABS FiltermaterialThe exhaust air of animal halls, composting plants, slaughterhouses and the like contain high concentrations of ammonia and odours. Ammonia is a large-scale environmental pollutant and odour pollution is increasingly causing problems with the neighbourhood.

CORMO, in collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences Friborg, has developed a process for the acid impregnation of BABS and for the treatment of this exhaust air. The process is simple and inexpensive to buy and reliable in effect.

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