BABS bricks & panels

Pressure resistant, with integrated heat- and sound-insulation. For low-cost sustainable construction with higher housing quality. 

BABS Ziegel PaneleCement is the most widely used material in the world, but contributes due to its production process with 8% to the global manmade CO2-emissions. Cement is of very high density and has a very poor insulation value. In contrast, BABS is of very low density and exhibits excellent insulation properties. 

Cormo has developed a mix of cement and BABS to produce bricks and panels. These products exhibit sufficient pressure resistance for several important applications, at a low heat conductivity of 0.061 W/m,K. Thanks to the combination of low heat conductivity and high density, they are best products for summer heat protection! Due to the savings in cement, they do not cost more than conventional cement-bricks – and the integrated protection against cold and heat comes for free! 



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