BABS gebundene Platte BABS bonded moldings

CORMO has found a way to make loose BABS granules into bonded packaging pieces and boards that are similar to Styrofoam, yet renewable and fully biodegradable. Unlike insulating materials made of natural fibers, the pieces and boards are resistant to pressure, - even at lower density. They can be produced using the known thermobonding process, in different densities and thicknesses.

The worldwide market for EPS sheets made of Styrofoam is enormous and is also growing rapidly. The opportunity for CORMO and its partners is to identify and conquer applications in markets where the specific advantages of BABS can be fully realised.

BABS for the sprout production

BABS Substrate

for the sprout production

Bound and sterilised BABS as a substrate
for the production of sprouts - less effort, better quality!

Sprossen auf BABS SubstratFor the production of sprouts, a substrate is needed that is sterile, can absorb a lot of water, and allows oxygen transfer to the roots. BABS can do it all!

Sprouts of wheat, alfalfa, soy, sunflowers and many other plants are tasty and refreshing and therefore enjoy increasing popularity. In the download, Philip Pfleger explains the various health benefits of sprouts and everything else that makes sprouts so interesting!

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