BABS is a completely new natural superabsorbent with the following properties:

  • Density: 15-30 kg / m3, comparable to expanded polystyrene (EPS)
  • Water absorption capacity: 20 to 40 times its own weight, so well comparable to Superabsorbent Polymers SAP
  • Very porous, with an extremely high internal surface, which is comparable to activated carbon
  • Acid-resistant, medium resistance to pressure

BABSFilter Material

Filter Material

Impregnated BABS as a filter material for the absorption of ammonia and odour from exhaust air of animal farms, compost sites, and similar odour.

BABSfine Granulate

fine Granulate

Compressed BABS granules for covering plant substrates to protect against direct sunlight, dehydration, and formation of a surface crust.

BABS bricks & panels

BABS bricks & panels

Bound and sterilized BABS as a substrate for the production of sprouts- less effort, better quality!

BABS additional products

BABS additional products

BABS shaped and bonded to any desired forms. Today most molding materials are made of Styrofoam, but unlike Styrofoam, BABS is renewable and biodegradable.

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