CORMO Products

CORMO produces the peat substitute TEFA from the stem bark of the maize plants and the foam BABS from the stem marrow. TEFA and BABS are the basis of several products and product applications.

What makes CORMO interesting for our partners?


Innovative Products

With TEFA and BABS, we have developed new and sustainable products that offer its users many advantages.

Revenue Opportunities

Our products generate significant added value and open additional income opportunities to the agricultural partners!

Production Process

We are experienced technologists and offer a package including optimal process solutions and production experience!


Yes, we think about the environment: less CO2 emissions, protection of moorlands, and reduction of transport ways.

With some of it's products, CORMO has several years if sales experience. Others are still in development or in industrial validation. CORMO offers its products primarily to business customers.

Please contact us for more information or sample deliveries.

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