The environment benefits!


Peat is a fossil resource similar to coal. Its exploitation and use generates the emission of 250 m3 of CO2-equivalents per m3 of peat. The replacement of peat with TEFA reduces these CO2 emissions by 85%. This advantage of TEFA has been proven in a life cycle analysis conducted by the Zurich University of Applied Sciences.

The removal of peat is also associated with the destruction of moorland. Moorlands cover only 3% of the global land area, but they bind twice as much CO2 as the total forest area. In addition, moorlands are habitats of many endangered plants, insects and migratory birds. Interesting is the article "Moore mitigate CO2" of the German Federal Government in the download.

  • For the sake of the environment!

    • Reduction of CO2-Emissionen
    • Protection of Moorland
    • Short transportation route

  • Der Umwelt zuliebe!

    • Reduktion von CO2-Emissionen
    • Schonung von Moorlandschaften
    • kurze Transportwege

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