The agricultural industry benefits!

CORMO has developed and patented the process for using maize straw and producing TEFA and BABS. Production-scale solutions for raw material harvesting and processing have been tested for several years.

The result is a modern, economically attractive production process with consistently high product quality. CORMO offers licensing agreements for its process and the related production know-how and experience.


The Raw MaterialMaize Straw

The Raw Material
Maize Straw

The raw material corn straw is available worldwide in enormous volumes – its utilisation enables farmers and machine contractors to earn additional income.



The processing method involves the storage of stable intermediary production and thus an optimal utilisation of the required machines throughout the year. Through the state of the art data generation and process control, the principle “intelligence inside” is applied.



By replacing peat, large amounts of CO2 emissions are avoided, ecologically valuable moorland can be conserved, and transportation routes to the end consumer are shortened.

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