CORMO mushroom casing

Cormo analyzed the role of casing in the development of fruit bodies. Several years of research and development resulted in the launch of CORMO casing.
Our blends have been tested over several years by renown industry institutions. Selected variants have generated a mushroom yield up to 10% higher compared to the local industry standard. The higher yield was statistically significant in this trial and has been confirmed in additional trials. The low standard deviation (Std) of the mushroom yield confirms the consistently high quality of CORMO mushroom casing.
CORMO mushroom casing meets all requirements for a successful transition towards peat-free mushroom production. It does not require changes in material handling and growth parameters. The sustainable CORMO mushroom casing is your customer’s preference and is compatible with all current and future production standards. CORMO mushroom casing – beyond peat!

Latest news


Initiative for the ban of peat in France

The French national assembly was presented the law proposition no 3291. The proposition foresees to end peat extraction in France and ban peat imports from other countries 6 months after the law comes into effect. The affected sectors argue that at present, no substitutes are available for some uses of peat, and therefore the law would simply shift the production to other countries.

Law on peat reduction in Switzerland

A stepwise ban of peat utilisation is planned along with the introduction of the CO2-law in Summer 2021. It is planned to give the mushroom and vegetable producers a transition period of 4 years, as part of a sector agreement.

Price monitor

According to sector insiders, ex production prices for black peat are currently rising by 8% per year. The rise in prices is related to reduced extraction in northern Germany and Ireland, as well as heavy rainfall in the Baltic countries, rendering extraction near impossible.