• Cormo Maisstroh

    CORMO utilizes corn straw, a sustainably available residue of grain maize production.

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  • Der Torfersatzstoff TEFA

    The peat substitute TEFA meets all requirements for horticultural applications.

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  • Schaumstoff BABS

    The natural foam BABS offers unique advantages in a range of applications!

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  • Landwirtschaft

    Farmers are the production partner! 

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  • Umwelt

    The environmental benefits: Reduction of CO2-Emissions, conservation of moorlands, reduced transport distances.

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Cormo has developed a process for utilization of maize straw. The cross-section of the stem is our business basis!

Cormo Symbol Stengelquerschnitt

We use residues instead of food!

  • The Dilemma

    Renewable raw materials make a recognised contribution to climate protection, resource conservation and income generation in agriculture for the production of starch, ethanol, biodiesel and biogas worldwide. At the same time, they are controversial because they claim cultivated land, compete with food production and often claim substantial subsidies.

  • The Solution

    CORMO offers a ground-breaking solution to this dilemma: using the production residue maize straw means that no new acreage is needed and food production is not challenged. In addition,  innovation products and applications result in high added value, for the benefit of all actors involved in the value chain.

What benefits can you expect from us?

Our Quality

Our Quality- We ensure a consistent quality of our products

The Innovation

The Innovation- The unique method of using corn stalks

The Market

The Market- Our products are world novelties and offer new business opportunities

The Conscious

The Conscious- Proudly promoting our contribution to the conservation of the environment

The Makers & Developers

Stefan Grass

Stefan Grass

  • Management
  • Developer
Serge Zybach

Serge Zybach

  • Economist
  • Support in Business Development
Jonas Lechot

Jonas Lechot

  • Plant ecologist
  • Development

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